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Executive Summary Redesign for Minoa


We (my manager and I) worked with our client, Minoa, B2B Saas start-up serving salespeople, in a 2 week sprint to redesign the Executive Summary on their Business Case, a tool to help salespeople more quickly arrive at value propositions within their business cases.

Their Business Case feature, which helps salespeople outline value cases for their prospects, had an underutilized tab - the Executive Summary. This is the space for salespeople to lay out their value case narrative at a very high level, for executives. The client had noticed that users were not using the features (especially AI features), and often weren't creating very robust executive summaries. The goal of this sprint was to encourage users to create executive summaries, and to help them write them in a clean and focused interface.

We redesigned the executive summary in 3 weeks. A snapshot of the features of our redesign:

redesigned creation flow.png

Redesigned Creation Flow

The user creates a business case in a revised modal flow. The user lands on a clean and focused interface.

writing editing creativity.png

Writing, Editing, Creativity

The user can make detailed and precise adjustments to the content of the deck.

macro deck formatting.png

Macro Deck Formatting

The user has greater control over the order and flow of the deck, able to customize business case.

ai template previews.png

AI Template Previews

Easily preview AI templates on hover and quickly add pre-filled content to help get started writing.


Minoa is a B2B SaaS start-up that helps salespeople with value selling and co-selling, earlier in the sales cycle, they do this by helping salespeople quickly produce Business Cases.


Minoa’s Executive Summary is the first part of the business case a prospect will see and it is an opportunity for the user make a high level summary of their value proposition for an executive buyer.

Minoa_Logo_teal_1000px 1minoa.png

Requirements shifted a little throughout this process as we got to better understand user’s needs and requests/new insights from the client. For the purpose of this case study, I’m presenting all requirements here:


Encourage users to write executive summaries

Users were not writing very robust executive summaries, some ignoring to write one altogether. Minoa wanted to encourage users to create more business cases, and to help users write executive summaries.


Reimagine the empty state

We needed to add more guidance to the empty state to help users get started writing, and to make existing AI features more visible in the empty state.


Allow for more customization and creativity

We recieved feedback that users wanted to be able to customize their business cases, our solution would need to be flexible and give users greater control so they can do what they want to do.

Encourage use of Minoa AI

Minoa already had several AI features that got very little usage. We needed to find out why, and make existing AI features more appealing and usable.


Limited technically to Minoa's development toolkit

Technically, this would be one of our more challenging sprints for the dev team, so we needed to use their chosen toolkit's abilities (Tiptap), and make very sure that handoff is as easy and painless as possible.

Pre-existing ROI Calculator
Internal Audit exec summary.png


UI feels very busy and cluttered


Many options for actions available, but no clear guidance


User can't start typing right away

AI features are not visible on empty


I reviewed a handful of competitors UIs, looking closely at AI writing features, empty states and clean, simple interfaces that allow for creativity.

Two competitors that influenced the direction of our process are Google Docs and Notion: screenshots and a snapshot of learnings below.

Google Doc
New Document
Exec Summary_Research_Google Docs.png
New Page
Exec Summary_Research_Notion.png


Empty state guides user to action

Notion has grey text that lets the user know the keypad commands they can use to get started to open their AI feature or command menu. Google has a blinking cursor and template buttons that a user can choose from.


Template previews on hover

In an empty Google Doc a user can choose to preview a template on hover and then quickly add it. Its noncommittal, it prompts users to action and it prevents a truly empty state.


Command menu with keypad trigger

Notion puts all AI, media and text formatting features in a dropdown menu with a keypad trigger, also accessible from a context menu revealed on hover while a block is selected.


After reviewing competitors, I familiarized myself with TipTap block editor suite, the dev teams dev toolkit we would need to accommodate. Tiptap guided the majority of the formatting and block functionality in our design. The main creative focus was on how to guide the user to action, make sure AI features were visible and easy to use, and create a clean and focused interface.

A couple of rounds of iteration we arrived at our final design. Called out here are the major areas of change from initial wireframe to final, and why we made those decisions.


ai template previews.png
persian green counter 1.png

AI Templates + Command Menu

Introduced quick add AI template buttons, with previews on hover to help user get started quickly, and a command menu to access AI features and formatting options for greater control and flexibility.

persian green counter 2.png

Macro Deck Formatting

We introduced a “slides” concept and block text editor functionality with additional formatting features, and added affordances for uploading and resizing images, documents, video and audio.

persian green counter 3.png

Custom Tabs + Cover Photos

Users can now add custom tabs beyond the Minoa defaults. We also introduced new suggested cover images on default, and a new dropdown menu to make changes.


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